Köismäe Tower

The tower shaped as a horseshoe is situated in the westside of the Tallinn Town wall, between the towers Plate and Loewensched, in the most exciting street in Old Town. The address is Laboratooriumi Street 27. The tower was built in the years 1360 and it was originally 13.3 meters high. It is possible to get on the Town Wall from the balcony upstairs. The tower was reconstructed in the years 1436-37, when its outer walls were made thicker. The height the tower has now, 26.5 meters, and its five floors were built in 1520, when it was given two extra floors for defence purposes.

Köismäe tower is very well preserved. There is an amazing view to Old Town on the fifth floor of the tower and from the first floor it is possible to go and take pictures of the so called Field of Towers.

It is possible to visit the tower during a guided tour. As an extra it is possible to order the making of ones lucky coin, special ‘Vana tallinn’ liquors or anything else that is mentioned on our website.

Medieval forts, which first appeared during the early development of the medieval city in the latter 13th century, surrounded the downtown to create a closed-o. defense zone. Constant additions and improvements meant that, by the 16th century, Tallinn boasted one of the most powerful and strongest defense systems in Northern Europe. The town wall was then 3m thick and 16m high, stretching 4km around the city, and connecting 46 defense towers. Today, 2km of the original wall and 26 of the towers remain intact. ‘Flower Festival of Tallinn’